The Noctis revolution of storage bed. One move folds up the bottom and cleaning under the bed will not be an issue anymore

Opening your storage bed when you have busy hands
is not an issue anymore. Are you bothered to lift it with the manual system?

Even this is not a problem anymore. Noctis invented the system that allows opening the storage bed with only a touch. A precise soft touch of your foot under the footboard will activate the button/sensor that will automatically open your bed. Another touch will close it, preventing any accidental shutting.

Folding box® automatic is an exclusive feature of Noctis products: we invented and patented it. It can be installed on every model of the Noctis catalogue, except for a few ones due to specific technical issues. User’s manual and care instructions are provided with each bed. Folding box® Automatic is a Noctis registered brand.

Box in box

Box in box

Noctis helps you to store your things tidy and in order with Box in box: the specific sized boxes that perfectlyfit in any
Noctis storage bed. All the details and information can be found in our catalogue.

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Folding Box®

Folding Box® ergonomic.
Including an ergonomic staves bed frame.


Folding Box®

Folding Box® Confort
Including an orthopedic staves bed frame with double central support and fourteen 65 mm birchen staves.

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This is a Noctis bed: beginning with the design up to the last glimpse into the package that will bring it to your home.

Is this just a dream?
Maybe… for real dreamers.

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